Pavilion Health is an Australian based company focused on providing services and tools for clinicians, administrators and policy makers to drive and achieve improved clinical outcomes and better allocation of health resources.

Pavilion Health has particular expertise in the implementation of activity based funding programmes in public and private hospital systems.

Activity Based Funding is a management tool that enables enhanced accountability and drives technical efficiency in the delivery of health services by:
  • Strengthening management’s focus on the quality of inputs and outcomes
  • Providing mechanisms to reward good practices and support quality initiatives
  • Encouraging clinicians and managers to identify variations in costs and practices so these can be managed at a local level improving efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Capturing consistent and detailed information on hospital sector activity and accurately measuring the costs of delivery
  • Create a clear relationship between funds allocated and services provided

Insights from Pavilion Health services drive the selection and development of Pavilion Health Technology products.

We provide services and tools that improve the quality and timliness of clinical information in acute care hospitals.

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