The NCCC Sells CodeXpert to Pavilion Health

Pavilion Health is proud to announce that effective 1 July 2013, Codexpert™ will officially become part of our family of products and services. In addition, we welcome ALL existing Codexpert™ customers as we will continue supporting you and your Codexpert™ license.

Codexpert™, developed by the NCCC, is an electronic clinical coding tool designed for coders, managers, auditors, educators and researchers and is available for both ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Seventh Edition and Eighth Edition.

Codexpert™ features include:

  • Up-to-date and accurate content sourced directly from the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) development database for ICD-10- AM/ACHI/ACS
  • Robust search engine of the complete classification database
  • Easy navigation to search and navigate tables in the disease index
  • Easy to browse the electronic books without having to use the search functionality
  • Intelligent linking for swift movement to follow coding pathways, instructions and advice
  • Dual platform for ICD-10-AM and ACHI allows concurrent search and selection in each classification
  • Build, print, save and export a list of codes to PAS systems
  • User notes (private or shared) available at time of coding
  • Errata updates immediately available for download
  • Current AR-DRG edits information

Pavilion Health will support all existing Codexpert™ customers for any Codexpert™ updates and ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS errata for the life of the edition purchased. Any new purchases or enquires for Codexpert™ can be directed to Pavilion Health from 1 July 2013.

Pavilion Health is a specialist technology and consulting business focusing on the quality, integrity and timeliness of clinical coded data; particularly as it pertains to casemix or activity based funding in the Public and Private Health sectors. Pavilion’s technology business focuses on the development of products and tools targeted at the clinical coding, auditing and revenue management functions. In October of 2010, the business purchased PICQ™ from the University of Sydney and has successfully supported and developed this clinical coding audit tool ever since. PICQ™ remains the industry wide tool that objectively measures the quality of clinical coded data. As with PICQ™, we will engage with the clinical coding community and key development partners and stakeholders to continually add features and value to Codexpert™ from a user’s perspective. Pavilion’s consulting business provides audit and analysis services of coded data focusing on quality, financial impact as well as education / training opportunities.

Pavilion Health also has a health information services business that employs full and part time HIM and Clinical Coders to provide services to facilities on a locum and remote basis. The clinical coding business services a diverse group of public and private health care facilities and hospitals including tertiary, teaching, referral hospitals and day surgeries throughout Australia.


We provide services and tools that improve the quality and timliness of clinical information in acute care hospitals.

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