Codexpert™ - Electronic Coding Reference Application

Codexpert is an eBook that provides you all the features and functionality you expect from an electronic coding reference application; easy to access, easy to use, and it's the best value in the market.

Check out the User Guide for More Information.

  • Up-to-date and accurate content sourced directly from the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) development database for ICD-10- AM/ACHI/ACS
  • Choice in downloadable application versions
  • Add notes to individual codes
  • Fully hyperlinked history
  • Easy to browse the electronic books without having to use the search functionality
  • Full hyperlinked access
  • Full "Linked Mode" capability displaying all relevant matches (direct & reverse link), for codes, blocks or categories
  • Easily build Codes List (automatically through Select Code, or manually by Add Code)
  • Codes automatically grouped in discreet diagnosis or procedure code groups
  • Custom screen layout capability
  • Extensive and flexible search capability, taking you directly to your required code
  • Search results & details displayed in same format as books for easy browsing
  • Intelligent linking for swift movement to follow coding pathways, instructions and advice
  • Easy Drag & Drop to re-sequence codes
  • Print full codes list (including codes, notes, case ID)
  • Save & export full codes list in .txt or .csv format (for use by any PAS or other application)
  • Expanded code description & notes display on hover with mouse
  • Easy-to-use & view tab-based screen layout
  • Used by students and lecturers in HIMAA, TAFE, and every Australian university HIM and Coding Program
  • All Errata & Coding Rules updates included in license and up-to-date