At Pavilion Health, we are driven in the belief that there is a better, more cost-efficient way to administer, analyse, and optimise the resources consumed in the healthcare setting long as the data is of the highest quality.

We are a specialist software products and services business focused on the quality and integrity of activity and costing data within the healthcare industry.

Classification Manager
  • How does my classification process compare with best practice?
    • Do I have the right number of people with the appropriate skills in my process?
    • Is the quality of clinical documentation affecting the quality of my coded data?
    • Do I have the appropriate audit process in place?
    • Have I put in place strategies to engage the clinicians in improving clinical documentation?
    • Do I have plans in place to retain and train my staff?
    • How do I compare with my peers?
  • Do I have tools that will?
    • Help me allocate work in the most effect way and understand where bottle necks occur?
    • Measure compliance to standards and allow me to cleanse my data before submission?
    • Help target my audit process to ensure it is measurable and efficient?
    • Measure quality of the coded data by staff member and understand training needs?
Clinical Director
  • Does the coded data accurately reflect my clinical practice?
  • What is the quality of my clinical documentation?
  • What is the quality of my clinical data that underpins by safety data?
  • How does my quality and safety rates compare to my peers?
Clinical Coders
  • Can I determine my own education requirements from the tools I use?
  • Can I measure the integrity of my coded data before submission?
  • Do the tools help me to code quickly and improve my skills?
  • Can I compare my work to other coders?
  • When I audit do the tools I use help or hinder the process?
Why Pavilion?

If your function in the healthcare setting is one of these,
and you are driven by similar questions or requirements,
Pavilion Health will have a solution for you.

Let us know how we can assist.

Hospital Management
  • Does my coded data accurately reflect the clinical
    complexity at my hospital?
  • Who are my peers to benchmark?
  • Is my classification process efficient and effective?
  • How do my costs compare with my peers?
  • Do my suppliers deeply understand the classification
    process and are responsive to my needs?
  • Is the data that underpins my funding model accurate?
  • How can I:
    • measure inter rata reliability between my providers?
    • compare or benchmark the performance of my
      providers with their peers?
    • target my audits and ensure compliance to standards?
    • ensure I’m getting value in my purchasing decisions?
  • I want to implement a coding quality compliance programme
  • I need to measure the quality of safety data
  • I need to measure accurately and in a timely manner incidence of
    Hospital Acquired Complications
  • We need to implement ICD-10-AM and ACHI classification systems
  • I need to develop price and cost weights for my activity based funding
  • I need to develop a Grouper that is integrated with a coding platform to
    implement a classification process
  • I need a roadmap for a Coding Quality Management programme