Relative Indicators for Safety and Quality
RISQTM is a measurement and auditing tool that reviews records in data sets to assess the quality of Condition Onset Flags (COF) data and the incidence of Hospital-Acquired Complications (HACs), providing a method to measure and compare the relative safety and quality performance, facilitating reporting, benchmarking, coding, and clinical service improvement.

Features & Benefits

Cloud Based
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • IT involvement not required for updates
  • Dynamic access to latest updates
  • Hosted domestically (no data sent offshore)
  • Privacy & confidentiality of data secured

Automated Processing
  • Automatically collects & ingests data,
    processes information & distributes reports
  • No human handling required to:
    • Ingest data
    • Run reports
    • Separate output
    • Distribute output to users
Audit Every Record
  • Objectively assess each record in data set without having to
    randomly select records to review
  • Indentify:
    • Incidence of Hospital-Acquired Complications
    • Quality of Condition Onset Flag coding
    • Actual & potential coding errors
    • Specific records to review & correct (where appropriate)
    • Themes for training/education to support coders/clinicians
  • Nominate:
    • Possible causes for potential error(s)
    • Possible solution(s) for potential error(s)
  • Support:
    • Continuous review & amendment of coded data
    • Existing coding audit activities
    • Sampling for medical record audits
  • Track accuracy & change (e.g. improvement) over timer for:
    • Individual coders
    • Individual clinicians
    • Individual Hospitals
    • Health organisations
  • Industry/Peer comparison (like-for-like)
  • Individual Clinicians or Specialty
Apply Anywhere
  • Can be applied at any stage of data collection
    • Can ingest data from PAS extract
    • Can ingest data from data warehouse extract
  • Assess episode-by-episode
    (as embedded within Q Coding PlatformTM)

Product Resources

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